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New Muslim and Revert Class

Attend weekly classes to learn about Islam held every Saturday 11:30 AM MDT (10:30 AM MST) on the second floor at the Denver Islamic Society. These sessions are bound to help you, whether you are a new Muslim or have been a student of Islamic faith for a while.

Last Will and Testament

This document is a downloadable copy of standard last will and testament in Arabic and English, including instructions for funeral wash (ghusl) at Masjid Abubakr (Colorado Muslim Society), burial at the Muslim cemetery in Bennett, CO, and a testamentary affidavit for the state of Colorado.

New Muslim Guides

These documents are guides available by different authors - from evidence from the natural world and science of the true nature of Islam to the basics of monotheism (tawheed) and the fundamental truth of Islam in the oneness of Allah, and from the steps one can take to quickly advance the ladder of a believing and practicing Muslim to the basics of Arabic that can enable one to recite and learn Quran.

Resources for learning

These are some books that can help you with some of the basics in 'aqeedah (fundamentals), fiqh (jurisprudence), and hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).


Explore this map to locate mosques and Islamic community centers in and around the Denver metro area, including Fort Collins, Boulder and Colorado Springs

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